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Surviving the 2022 Housing Market

2022 has been an unprecedented housing market.  Inventory shortages have led all parties involved in a housing sale to change their practices to facilitate a successful closing.  Here are some of the changes  Common Cents has made:

Inspection Lead Time
This market has motivated inspectors to be able to accommodate short due diligence periods.  I can often handle a due diligence period of 3-5 days, Schedule your inspection when you are on the way to a binding agreement.  I can hold this slot for a short time. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO ADVISE ME IF YOUR TRANSACTION DOES NOT PROGRESS, SO THAT I CAN MAKE THAT TIME AVAILABLE FOR SOMEONE ELSE.     

Report Delivery Time
I will deliver your report early morning of the day following your inspection. This allows me to go over catalog images I have taken during the inspection to more adequately examine the property.

A Recommendation to Consider

Finally, I encourage both the agent and buyer to attend the last hour of the home inspection so that I can review findings with you.  This will give you a preview of the report findings, a better understanding of issues, and allow you to start laying the groundwork with the listing agent while you are waiting for the detailed report.

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